This is a mind map i created during the exploration of my "thing" SAND
The bottom 3 groups of words and images are my 3 concepts for the project
1. Childhood and memory
2. History, time keeping and preservation
3. Welbeing and lifestyle

This is a video I came across showing the temporary, fluid nature of sand and its ability for story telling and self expression

Possible questions and experiments from the concepts:

*Take photographs at regular intervals of the construction and deconstruction of a sand castle, put all of the images into a slide show and play forwards, backwards and in a random order to find out more about the permanent/temporary nature of construction, time, history, natural elements, evolution, errosion

*What effect does having sand in your immediate environment have on your well being? e.g. what would happen if prision cells were filled with sand? or if people had sand in their bedrooms?

*How do people react when they discover things in the sand and does it/how does it effect people around them? e.g. finding a lottery ticket, a piece of clothing, a bone buried in the sand

*Observe how things move through sand, does an object leave the same mark in wet sand as dry sand as another medium? which mark is the most accurate representation of the object, or are they as accurate as each other? what patterns are formed? does each marking of the object reveal a different insight about that object and/or the world?

*Take a photo of sand, zoom in and ask people what they think it is or what they see in the image. Do people recognise somthing that they are always surrounded by? does it matter? what else can it be seen as and what is significant about this?

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