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device|result|different meaning 1 2 3 4 5|

For the method i used is generate number in RANDOM ORG。to generate number from 1 to 250。


For the database isIMDB Top 250 movies,which means the internet movie database 。Just as the following picture shows。

1.First I generate a number is 5, so I find the Top 5 movie called << Pulp fiction>>:, then I generate another number is 72, I find the 72 seconds in that movie and record the word . the word is I Mean。we can see this in the following picture。

2. Second, I use Random Org to generate a number that is 127.So I choose the Top 127 <<Pulp Fiction>>. And I generate another number is 102, the word on 102 second is "leave".


3. The same method as before, first generated number is 140, so find the Top 140 << Into the wide>>.

the number for second is 94, in that second there is no word.


4. First number is 160, according to the number I find the film, <<Groundhog Day>>,

in terms of the second number I got from the website, the word is Plains.6.jpg

5. First number is 65, the related movie is <<the treasure of the Sierra Madre>>

The second number is 180, the word is "they are".


6.First generation number is 59, the movie is <<Eternal Sunshine of Spotless heart>>

The number of second is 175, there is no word。

7.The First generation number is 117. The movie is << The seventh Seal>>.
The number of second is 117, there is no word just the background sound of sea。

The result is。。。。。