Day 1

On the first day, I didn't understand the process of experimental art that much but just got some interesting ideas to work with.

The devices that I had in my mind still not clear.
  1. Gallery
  2. Children in the art class
  3. Bus driver's name

Finally, I've chosen Gallery as my device even I was still confusing :)
The Gallery that I've chosen was Global gallery because I'm a part the current exhibition at the moment. Then I started collecting my data from GlobalGalleryonline website
After that, I decided to use gallery catalogue as my device in order to help me find something randomly..........


I saw many interesting stuff in the website but I just want to focus on my selected device which is catalogue. So I tried to think of something that difference but still in the same part......Ohhhhh! it is the artist list hahaha

For me, the simplest random method for this experimental is to shut my eyes and point to the artist list directly. After my finger touch the screen, I opened my eyes gently and the name that I was touching was Kelvin Mui

Kelvin has 6 artworks can I choose one??? I didn't have much time to find another device so I just asked my flatmate to write 1-6 down randomly on her fingers then I started picking up one of her finger.

Finally, I chose number6. I looked back on the website and find Kelvin's 6th work. The title is "X-rayed: Deceptive Beauty"
The reason why I highlight the word Deceptive because I've chosen this word as my starting point.



After finished class, I went to Global Gallery to take some photos to fulfill my idea and I thought I probably get something more interesting in the gallery that filled with messy stuff.

Day 3

I came up with the mind map "Gallery" but I found out later that it wasn't the wright word to do a mind map so I changed from Gallery to the word Deception.

Day 4

New mind map has been drawn.