thinking ......what is "Random" & " serendipity"
feeling..... photo, kind of sound ,sunshine

1 The way of choosing the place :
this is a package of toilet paper , there are some numbers back of it.
I picked three numbers of them, which are 3 4 and 6.Boz they are double used .
combine those three numbers by different order i got: 346 ,364/436 ,463/634 ,643
only 436 and 463 are route of bus
2 use darts game choose the number
Route 436 from Railway Square--cireular Quay

436 terminate at Circular Quay

  • walk to" Opera house" by following people
  • find a wall witch has full photos
  • go to a park following the wind direction

  • find some items in the park

  • IMG_0301.JPGIMG_0296.JPGIMG_0305.JPGIMG_0302.JPGIMG_0304.JPGIMG_0321.JPGIMG_0319.jpgIMG_0312.JPGIMG_0306.JPG
  • IMG_0210.JPGIMG_0283.JPGIMG_0308.JPG

  • IMG_0311[1].JPGIMG_0396.JPG
  • Height Technology
  • IMG_0316[1].JPG
  • IMG_0395.JPG
  • Violence
  • Finger print

From this bent glasses , the visual angle what you seeing will change according to how much the glasses have been bent, following the feeling of bent i try to watch the influence that fast revolving fan effects to most of people, then i was follow a person came to market city

1、 Phenmenoe and question

why does it look like opposite direction when the working fan revolving fast

The visual system is the part of the central nervous system which enables organisms to process visual detail, as well as enabling several non-image forming photoresponse functions. It interprets information from visible light to build a representation of the surrounding world. The visual system accomplishes a number of complex tasks, including the reception of light and the formation of monocular representations; the construction of a binocular perception from a pair of two dimensional projections; the identification and categorization of visual objects; assessing distances to and between objects; and guiding body movements in relation to visual objects.

1.1 Revolving Phenomenon


1.This phenmenoe happening is due to people visual temporary staying. people's eyes can keep what they look for a short time. if the time of item position changing is less than visual tempory staying, people can not distinguish the change of their position

2. If fan become slow gradually, the revolving rate will be less than visual temporary staying ,like that vido (USB)

2. light

Because of light existing , the eyes can see everything identify all can the of items .human and all animals live in the world with light, how ever, light has great effection to human's eyes. when the eyes look the black and white pictures, the white part can give people a kind of wallot. I found a simple example to have a test. the white part in this picture is dazzling. So our first sight will focuses on the white part. this is the first visual reflection to the eyes by light. because of the reflection to the light, our eyes get a kind of special feel, vision.111.jpg
materials of

3. VISION Misconception

There are many kinds of feelings like , taste, smell, etc. we can feel something by touching the shape, tasting and smelling. vision is a very complex and important feeling. 80% information we can feel is from vision.

vision experiment useing chopsticks and water
013.jpg( USB)