shasha Wang
Emotional Reaction
This work will going to divided into three parts that show the different emotional reactions on human and animals, the space in the nature and society and using stuff to experiment different emotion respectively.

-Tool (photography and video)
-Anytime and anywhere

The first experimental work is ....
It is well know that the emotion could be excited, angry, scared, happy, sad and tender, and also some people think that only human beings have emotional reaction. However, almost all animals have the ability to do emotional reaction. For example, in this experimental works, using cameras to take photos about how they are react.

The second one is SPACE, I tried to find that because I found the space between seabird and their leader.
Actually, it is easily to find space everywhere. Such as, the space between chair and table, human and animal, country and country.

  • Nature
  • Social

The final experimental variation will be PLAYING AND MARKING EMOTIONAL REACTION, the main resources would from the observation in daily life, especially created as space.