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Themes of water and breath continued to surface throughout the documentation of my initial ideas, and gained more conceptual weight as the process of building my Random Generator continued. My thought process shifted from initial ideas such as :
"Draw a line using an entire packet of charcoal on the pavement, the point at which the charcoal runs out will become your physical location" to the idea that I continued to work with

" Ask everyone is at home to hold their breath for as long as they can, whilst recording the sound. Use the data to fuel the next process."

I had imagined that the Hold your Breath experiment would take place in a bath, and that i would then collect water samples from said bath, and that no one would have any objection to that. It eventuated that I didn't use water.
I then toyed with the idea of using the data I had collected to determine the frequency/volume/duration of the sound recording when played back. This was the first step in the work becoming focused around the idea of an experimental sound piece, something that I have never incorporated into my practice. To ensure an interdisciplinary outcome, and also because sometimes I can't help making installations, I wanted to collect parts of the buildings that I ended up in, For example, I think I wrote " collect plaster/mortar from the buildings, crush it up and make patterns with it".

Although I had originally wanted to move away from the idea of involving numbers and maps, as i felt this could become too contrived, the need for numbers became apparent as a way to systematically translate the data I had obtained through my first experiment into something that would lead me to my next step.