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I need ground to stand on.

I think I need to stop experimenting and make some sense of it all. So I turn to my friendly Philosophy friend to find out a little more. Matthew Kiem and I talk a bit about Philosophy. But be wary we do like to talk so this goes for about half an hour. If you like his voice you'll love this talk he did... click

Matthew Kiem - Passenger Philosophy by calathumpian

If you are not so keen to listen to the entire conversation... but it's ok I'm not either... I was there.... here are to interesting video excerpts that are from it. They struck me at the time of recording. The light was too bright. Shone out of face and into crotch. Check out those hands. Record hands.

Puppetry of Philosophy 2 from Peter Wildman on Vimeo.

Matthew Kiem - Design Philosopher

sound: his mind
vision: his mind

Puppetry of Philosophy from Peter Wildman on Vimeo.

Explore: the hands as a way of shaping... maybe something to do with ontology (truth) of objects... remember my first device's find...

But we(me and matt) can also analyze madness starting with truth(ontology) itself and with the forms proper to it.

It is in this manner that the Encyclopedic distinguishes "physical truth" from "moral truth." <--- where do these join? what's in between?