Experimental Arts


Being at Cofa as an art student for almost two years now, many times when I attempt on exploring the more creative side of me I often find myself going back to the same old pattern of thoughts like a vicious cycle or mimicking another artist's work that I've came across through my research. Struggling to come up with fresh and original ideas, before I can call myself an artist I already feel uninspired most of time with my own train of thought jumping tracks. However the playfulness in the experiments from the experimental arts course has motivated me to always do something different and daring. And I was encouraged to investigate the unknown and as I was stepping out of my comfort zone I was able to reconnect self to the world again. For me, experimental arts is all about playing with randomness ideas, creating more problems and throwing all my unanswerable questions into emptiness void hoping for a sound of echo in return and it is through this playful creativity I was able to believe in myself a little more :)