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Random Generator
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My response trigger is based on a random bus I caught when on my way to COFA on Monday morning -. I had searched www.**sydneybuses**.info and came up with bus No L94 to La perouse.Standing there waiting I saw Bus 333 to Bondi Junction and so automatically jumped on-board. I then added the numbers 333 to come up with the number 9 – once again relying on www. I searched Google maps for the address for number 9 Oxford street which appeared as ' bianca spender ' Womens boutique.I then caught the bus 333 again and walked to 3+3+3 = 9 Oxford street to discover any relationship to 3's ??????????
As I walked up the road I felt my foot steps in rhythm with my heart beat which was a little elevated in anticipation,



Results – WHAT SITE ?
When I walked to this address, I found an empty shop. I immediately looked around me facing my first problem, where to from here? Then a powerful image too my eye - reflected in my image on the awning of a shop opposite was the word ARCHANGEL.
I immediately was reminded of my childhood scripture lessons of the three Archangels, namely: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael. As we were taught -they are there to guide you – so who was I to argue.


053 (800x563).jpg

Keeping in mind the number 3 was my random generator, I waited for my next random sign.

Bridge st grid (722x750).jpg

Not finding my departure point there, I took a grid line of 330 degrees from the empty shop as a random marker.
Travelling over the Harbour Bridge to Sydney the next day I was prompted to disembark from the bus as I crossed the the grid line at Bridge street. Very close to this was 33 Bridge street.

The Sydney Museum.jpg

I wandered onto the site of number 33 which happened to be the Sydney Museum and almost fell over a sandstone totem with the inscription THE POINT

018 (800x535).jpg

I had found my launching POINT !!!!!