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I developed a random process which you can see here. That took me to a converted shop in Bondi Junction which is being auctioned. I ended up visiting the location twice. On the first visit I recorded some sound, shot a bit of video and took a couple of pictures. The interesting thing about the place is that it is open for inspection prior to auction, and after discussing the first visit with the class I was encouraged to go to the inspection opening.

That gave me some interesting material to use for my experiments. I decided to use the picture of the stairwell as the focus material for my first experiment.

I developed a space frame for the stairwell picture with the key elements being, space, light, emptiness, mystery, a sense of foreboding or doom.

external image 7886551262_81a682054c_b.jpg
The stairwell space frame

For me this process of experimentation worked well. I would otherwise never have created the image I created in experiment three, and the image comes out of explorative investigation of site and image and experimentation with a wide range of relationships around the site.