What I plan to do is going to use car plate number to create a random system that will record my track of journey everywhere.

Step 1, using my house as a start point.

Step 2, I am choosing the first letter and first number of car plate number which is in front of me as my directions.

For instance, if the first letter is A-M, I will turn left in the intersection, and the first number that means how many intersections should be going through.

Step 3, my plate number is BBL 16M, and I am using 'B' and '1' as my direction, so I should turn left from my garage door, and then, go across 1 intersection.

Step 4, in that intersection, I am going to choosing a number plate in front of me to determine next journey.

It is showing that my entire track that I recorded on the google map.

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These are some sample pictures of my random journey.



Slideshow of my random tour.