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Random Generator


The random generator was from my physical movements that came with personal instincts which I identified as the navigator throughout the Botanic Gardens. By allowing myself to visualize smell, touch and hear sounds would be an indication to guide me onto the next destination. If I couldn't sense a feeling I would wait until one of my senses was triggered. On the Journey I came in contact with various objects such as fruits off a tree, bird feathers and images of my imagination. The aim was to let myself be more aware of these personal senses that are used on a regular basis but it was about putting them to the test to see what I could find on my journey. The sense that was used the most was my visual sense which made me aware of my physical surrounding and led me to random objects such as wooden statue of the drum. My aural sense led me to discovering beautiful cockatoos that were sitting high up in a tree. My ol’ factory sense of lemon scent drove me to a tree that was full of lemon scented fruits. The vibrant color red was what led me to various objects such as the leaves on a tree surrounded by greenery. It also drew my attention other objects of the same color At the end of my journey I came to the conclusion that we do not direct our physical path but it is our senses that directs to our destination unless we have a preconceived destination in mind.

The first path I followed through the Botanical Gardens was not impressive as the second path which was more adventurous and mind-boggling. This path started from Queen Elizabeth Gate 2 where I stumbled across an amazing sight that reminded me of a tropical rainforest. Here the palm trees and tropical plants made me feel like I was on a deserted island. The sounds of water trickling and falling onto my skin felt like a mist from a nearby fountain.

Unlike my first walk where I followed a preset path, this walk was different in that my senses were guided by various objects. Leaving the rainforest the smell of lemons drew me to the next destination which comprised of a tree resembling an elm tree but which was full of a lemon shaped fruit. The bark of the tree felt rough and bumpy especially in areas where the bark had broken and fallen away.

Noticing a piece of fruit on the ground my eyes were drawn to numerous white feathers scattered around the tree. Whilst observing my surroundings around the tree, an old man approached and asked “How old do you think this tree is as it doesn’t have a label?” I replied “It’s very old!” as I wasn’t sure myself of the age of the tree.

I walked past the tree and from afar an outline of an object caught my eye. I walked towards the outline and came across a wooden statue of a slit-drum from the island of Ambrym in Vanuatu.

My first reaction was to touch the object which had a very smooth surface and what fascinated me was the hollowness of the object. This drew me to videoing the inside of the object as well as taking photos. Unlike the outer covering of the statue the inside of the statue had a golden hue with very rough texture eliminating its beauty.

Hearing the sound of Farsi (Persian) language, I quickly followed the people walking in that direction. I came across another tree where there was a piece of glad wrap sitting inside one of its hollow trunk which reminded me of a human skull and had a silver metal tag with no description around one of the branches which appeared as if the skull was being detained in a tree.

Again there were numerous feathers scattered on the other side of the tree near a pond. What drew my attention to the feathers was that they were scattered in an order best described as a trail.
20.jpgThe sounds of birds fighting drew me towards the pond where I was able to sit down on a seat and record their sounds. Whilst recording the bird and unknown runner wearing a track pants ran past and the sound of the material rubbing together as he ran was recorded onto the sounds of the birds.

The shuffling runner led me to my next destination where I spied cockatoos eating and fighting over food in a tree. I tried to entice them to come towards me so that I may photograph them but they flew up higher in the tree but I was able to record their sounds and capture them in a photo which reflected on the whiteness of their feathers.20130114_182714.jpg

The colour of the bark on the path led me to a beautiful flowery garden which amazingly was the same path I followed on the first walk the previous day.


There, metal tags were used to describe the plants which made it appear like the plants were under restraint.


Consequently upon following the path leading to the end of my journey I found myself back to the end of the journey I went upon the first walk where the colour of red leaves drew my attention as they seem to be glowing in the rain.


Original map of Botanic Gardens which i have added my images and drawn on the path taken on my journey.


Linked map from University of New South Wales to Sydney Opera House Car park near Botanic Gardens http://goo.gl/maps/vBr0b