Experimental Arts

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At first, I wanted to use auto picked lotto to get random numbers. But since I wanted to contribute and have fun with generating random numbers I decided to use ‘game’ as a device to get random numbers to use for selecting place.

1. After searching for quick and easy game to play, I decided to pick one from google games.
2. Since it has to be randomly picked, I used dice to select which game to play.
It came out to be one; so I played first one, which I never been played before.


3. As a result of playing this game, I got 17:08 as my final score. I used this number to navigate the random place.

4. My friend gathered some of her maps that she printed during her trip around Sydney and I asked her to select one
map. Then I used that map to locate my random place by using the number I got from the game.


5. Final score = 17:08
So, number 17 is used to find horizontal grid number and since the vertical grid on the map is in alphabets, I used A=1, B=2,
C=3... system to count number 8, which was H.
CathyFreeman Park in Olympic Park has been chosen as a random place to explore by using this method.


As I walked around the place, I just took photos that attracts me. At first, I was interesting to see how
different sizes and style of pavings creates unity where block of paving is harmonious matched together
providing feeling of oneness. It was interesting to see how our eye perceives shapes and patterns creating

After while, I saw three red cars parked in a row coincidentally, I decided to take pictures of things that
contains red colour. When I came back home, looking at photos, and editing them, I was drawn to the idea
about the minds visual perception, how the world is seen and processed. Through researching this idea,
I came across with the most famous study called Gestalt study of visual psychology. Here it is found that
the human mind actively seeks order to make sense of and logically process and record the complexities
of our world.

As I researched more about this theory, I was interested in looking at how an individual seeks the order in
daily life.


floor 사본.jpg