Project F: Mapping the mapping

We had a talk in the morning and presented all the status of our projects. I realized I am afraid to get stucked, to be nailed down, to be fixed and ascribed. I am questionning classifications. My notion to be many, having different several identities and email adresses for different contact groups. My longing for freedom and my searching for a global tolerance. Tim gave me a good answer by proposing that this is maybe my topic - to try find things which won't give me efinition, which defy classification. This leads me to the term indetermination and ascription and the observance that human beings have a notion for stability and systems.

Mapping of a Cup

Bruno Latour on Mapping Controversies in Science and Technology for Politics
Helps a bit in this djungle!

But hey, there is more:
Another mapping tool for public debates with preset maps!
Map on Western Philosophy
Here as download as pdf-wallpaper in fulll length, fully extended.

Or a quick screenshot of the centre part of this map:

another map:
Mapping of: Everything open and free

Ok now: this is a first draft for mindmap on the term Indetermination. It is difficult to map an abstract term or concept.
I want to look for an indetermintated object like this one below and map it. Maping the unknown.


And it is difficult to take decisions with so much knowledge, input, maps. I wonder if we are overmapping the world?
What are we doing with all this information? Nobody is able to process it!
Not sure if mapping helps :-)

mindmap on indetermination

Conclusion: At least the maps indicate an element of diversity, flux and indetermination.
So maybe the aesthetic of a map or a network can be a leading principle for my visual research and approach.
I feel two souls in me: the need as a designer to optimize, reduce and make clear while on the other side to show the real picture, the completeness and fullness, richness of an aspect.