My first experiment explores place and location,

In a similar vein, to the random generator, I started the process without over intellectualising the concept and switched on my iPhone camera as soon as I left the lecture theatre. I didn't have a lot of time before the next class so it made sense to use my time wisely. On my way home i had to visit a friend at St Vincents hospital and then I wanted to visit the ocean. I decided during the lecture that I should go there to meditate and quiet the mind as the week had thus far been a busy one. The ocean for me has always been a place where I feel still and calm even at it's most sublime. Perhaps in this place, serendipitous events would be more likely to take place than within the overwhelming urban landscape that I traverse on my way home.

Wolfgang Tillman is an artist who has a strong sense of observation. Sometimes I see the world as large instillations photographed by Tillman. He is not blinded by his assumption and certainties. His work is an observation of the world around him and I am encouraged to remain uncertain, allowing the moment of understanding to follow the action, opposed to the other way around.

The footage was then edited and it was during this process that I began to make connections and have a better understanding of what I was doing.

The camera was angled at the ground for most of the duration of the recording. Because of the quality of the camera and the speed I was riding, the camera was unable to capture the path I was riding along on the way home. It was as though it had been recorded on video and every few frames were missing.

There was also footage of shadows, from large trees lining the streets. Then black and white moving images sometimes faded to white and for a second everything seemed still. This engaged with the idea of presence and silence surrounded by noise and chaos. Reaching a state of stillness where the body is calm and the mind is aware can often be challenging especially within the busy chaotic lives that we live.

I will revisit the trees which created this interesting effect on the video.

Whilst visiting the ocean I also took some still shots with the lens of the camera opened. There was a ship out and sea and I found it interesting how it linked each horizon together with a blurred curved line. I intend to visit the ocean again. I'm not sure where these images will got but they are pinned on my wall next to all the images i am collecting for these experiments. I'm sure they will end up influencing me some how.