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Quick Crosswords

My idea for the random generator came from ‘The Little Green Man’ puzzle featured in Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick. The notion that a crossword would reveal secret messages was exciting and I took to the daily ‘Quick Crossword’ in the Sydney Morning Herald for my co-ordinates.

IMG_4778 (640x427).jpg

How I found my random co-ordinates:
ACROSS = Letter DOWN = Number
For example:
Across: Hairstyle named after an American Indian (6)
(6 characters = the 6th letter of the alphabet = F)
Down: Collection of printed works of one author (7)
(7 characters = the number 7)
Co-ordinates = F7
I then copied a map of the Sydney City and circled the co-ordinate F7 as my starting point.

IMG_4779 (640x427).jpg
F7, H9, H6, F3, F9, I4, D5, D7, H9, H8, D7