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"I need a device that will deviate my mind."
"What colour would you like?"
"Do you have it in blue?"
"Sure do... here you go. Keep in mind that it changes colour so don't get attached to it."


So begins one of the funniest experiences I have had in the process of trying to learn to be experimental. Create a system that will free you from systems. Sounds quite simple; it could be some dice, string or even a spinning top that will point you to a destination.

Cue brain: I'll go into an op-shop and ask for the attendant's favourite item.
Yeah Yeah
Not favourite. That won't be very nice because they would probably want to keep their favourite object in the store to cheer them up on slow days.
Least favourite.
Don't ask them why.
Ask someone why they think the attendant thought this object was their favourite object.
Poor object needs some love; don't want to have it begin it's new experience as someone's least favourite. So ask people why they think it would have been the attendant's favourite.
That will create a cherished object from a discarded one.
Record these things they say.
Yeah then
Put them on a plinth in a gallery with two speakers pointing at them playing all the lovely things about them.
NO... haha... I need a device not a work... I'll do the work later... it's still a nice idea... but maybe just go to Vinnies and get a device.

Trip to Vinnies: So I ended up at the closest St Vincent de Pauls op-shop. A little wary of sticking to old ways of having ideas and 'making' them into finished works in my mind. Dropped the previous thought process... enter memory of play and finding a wind up jumpy bug toy that could be used on a piece of paper to end up on an unexpected something.

Turn Right - toy rack - scrummage - no wind up jumpy bug to - think I will just go to all the vinnies on the way home till I find one - SMACK (mind's left hand hits mind's right hand) - let go - toys toys toys - ok just get something

Result: A Wiggles Kaleidoscope and a Magic Mickey Mouse fan