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Random Generator:
1) Click ‘shuffle’ settings, play a song at random/shuffle
2) The letter of the song title = suburb letter. The play count = suburb number.
3) Go onto the “Dictionary of Sydney- Suburb Profiles” (link is below) website, and calculate your suburb accordingly!


Barbara Ann.jpg

With my random generator, I shuffled my itunes and got the song “Barbara Ann” by The Beach Boys. When I checked the play count, I had played it 75 times! When I accessed the website, I went to the B list, and the 75th suburb (vertically counting) was Burwood.

Suburb Dictionary Homepage.jpg


"Serendipity" has been defined as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident”. I wanted to create a location devise that could select information at random, but from a personal database. As a result my location/suburb is not familiar to me, however the combination of the randomly selected song and its play count makes the generator personalised and different for each participant.

I decided that because I had chosen to explore an entire suburb, I would categorize my findings by the five senses: smell, sound, sight, taste, touch. By documenting my evidence this way, I hope to cover more of the essence of Burwood, and create a personal documentation and experience.