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Being random, it is very hard for me as I am a sort of person who always think, in fact I think too much.
I decided to wrote down some of the most important word that describe my life and then by using some sort of random map pick 1 word and that word would be the topic of my random project.
so i wrote down the words:
Family, Friend, Thinking, Colour, Love, Focus, Sex, Scape, Migration, Design, Emotion, Moving, Speed, Romance, Random.
This was my first map as it is shown:

First Map:


Result of the First map: Fear and Colour.

Second Map:
In order to be able to be more random I tried another list of my life which are: Family, Friend, Design, Migration, Fear, Love, Emotion, Sex, Scape, Focus, Thinking, Colour, Speed, Rush, Study,
Exam, Home, Cleaning, Smell, Beauty, Time, Morning, Wake up, Eating, Food, Delicious, Playing, Happy, Smile, Cry, Sad, Crazy, Mad, Party, Dancing, Health and Pray.


Result for the Second map: Family, Morning and Friend.

Third Map:

Result of the Third Map: Fear, Focus and Rush.

Forth Map:
Result of the Forth Map: Party, Dancing, Fear and Love.
As a result I pick the word Fear since it was in the result of 3 maps.