Results of Random Cartographies

I ran the random cartography generator ten times, producing ten maps and ten folded-space pinpoints. These included: Dundas Valley, Ryde, Concord West, Redfern, Lakemba, Punchbowl and Woolwich. The generator certainly did produce random results!

AGM Additional folded maps.JPG

AGM map pile 2.JPG

To finalise the site for field work, data gathering and conceptual development, I re-scrunched the maps and then randomly selected one. The pinpoint selected: Alexandria.

AGM Alexandria.JPG

To more precisely locate the site for field work, I compared the folded-space map with Google Earth/Google Maps in order to find the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the pinpoint (approximately; and yes, I did use a cleaner version of the map than the one above!).

The final field site: 33º 54’ 16.40” S / 151º 11’ 46.15” E, on Bowden Street, Alexandria, just east of McEvoy Street. This is indicated with a yellow marker on the map below.

AGM Alexandria coordinates.jpg

I can now gather concepts, textures, images, objects and senses in relation to Alexandria as both a location and an idea.