3 concepts each concept has 300 words

Random Text Generator-

In search of a possible message. Will it make sense if I gather random sentences and compile them together?

Rules installed and followed for my random generator:
On my Facebook page I click on my friends so that an alphabetical list appears with all the people I have as Facebook friends. I go through each persons personal profile page and locate the last post the individual made. I then copy that clump of text and place it into a growing body of random text, going from one person to the next starting with people who's names start with A's. I conducted my first experiment by compiling the A's text and compiling them as I have 33 people who's name starts with the letter A.
I compiled the text that this random gathering of text technique supplied for me and wrote them out on a page. I then used metallic strips to cover certain words of the text to further pus the realm of random. I would reapply the metallic strips on different words or groups of words and the message of the words on the page would continue to change its overall meaning each time. I then took the page of words and cut it up in horizontal strips and pasted metallic strips covering one word per line and rearranged the horizontal strips of text and reforming them into new compilations of text each time. After that I was inspired to connect he single horizontal strips of text with the metallic "floating heads" that I produced. One random, metallic strip edited lines of text per head connected by shiny silvery pipe cleaners. ( The whole theme of metallic is important as it was a theme given to me by the research into the first David Langley in Australia, the whitesmith.). The floating heads with the single text line strips could then be gathered into configurations and groupings and overlayerings that depicted my floating head regurgitating heaps of speech or thoughts.

Trip to Richmond-

I ended up being sent to Richmond by the Random Generation. I got the Random text from people that I knew of Facebook but I wanted to see what would happen if I searched people on Facebook that had the same name as my friends. Then I started searching people who had the same name as me. I called them name doppelgangers, or name twins. My name doppelgangers were many and far and even plenty in the realm of arts. David Langley artist, photographer, graphic designer, painter, then lawyers, doctors etc… I speculated that I was randomly put in a group of people with my same name. At the moment of birth and naming, I was put into connected to a group of people, a group of David Langley's. I then wanted to know about the first David Langley in Australia.


Labelling, Life Direction, Identity, Identifying, Grouping, Representing, Belonging

One of the first major events in a persons life is when they are given a name. In pretty much all cases that individual being named has no say in the decision. They have sprung forth from the cosmos one second and then the next they are given a name. To that individual that is a random occurrence. Most of us have now been placed into a group of random people we have no connection to other than that they too share the same name. I, David Langley have a name that has been used in the past, is currently used by hundreds, possibly thousands of people, and it will be used by others in the future. In the US there are currently 311 David Langley's. Even in my own field exist David Langley's who are professional artists. It's an abomination; David Langley's out there doing what I do but with more success than me! It is a humbling realisation. There are David Langley painters, graphic designers, sculptors, architects, lawyers, councilmen, etc.

This realisation is stifling, I am not even close to being the forefront of artists with my own name.

The name connects me to a lot of people that I have nothing to do with but many of us are similar. The nature of the name is very Anglo Saxon.

Some History: David is a Hebrew name. David killed Goliath and later became the King of Jerusalem. The name David also means "Beloved".
Langley in Old English means Long Meadow or long glade. It could also be Viking Norse derived meaning long life.


Australian History of the name David Langley

As most Australians know, the First Fleet arrived 1788.
The First David Langley in Australia arrived shortly after on a boat called the Rolla on May 12th, 1803. Just 15 years after the colony of NSW was founded.

David Langley listed his occupation as "whitesmith and bellhanger".
A whitesmith is a tinsmith, a craftsman in metal bronze and pewter.

He was one of first people to opt to come to Australia as a free man.

New settlers were given grants, David's grant was 100 acres in Richmond.

1806 Governor William Bligh appointed David to position of Superintendent of Government Blacksmiths.

David builds a house on his land in Richmond. It is still standing today.

I went and made a photographic essay of Richmond and the land and property given to David Langley in 1809. I focused on the property, the fence to the property, and surrounded items of interest and of metallic nature.

My Face-

I came to the idea of using my face and head pictures from over the last 5 and half years, my time back in Australia, because the many different looks that make up my recent history represent the many different David Langley's in the world. I made all my faces metallic as inspired by the first David Langley in Australia, the whitesmith. These faces were were originally to go along with the "Me Tree". I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to manipulate all the photos in very different ways. This greyness to all the photos also represents a naturalness of metal being forged out of time, pressure and space. The faces were originally conceived for the purpose of the Tree but each individual manipulated face worked on their own as works of art. I took that realisation and pushed forward into making "Warhol-esque" posters with bold colour blocks and thick lines and light pastel colours creating self portrait posters. After that All the heads were cut out individually and wired onto several different trees making up a work I call "Me Tree". It is fashioned to be a Family tree of me representing all the David Langley's out there. floating around the world and in cosmic soul soup. Past and present and future.


I started working with the incept of being plucked as a soul in the cosmos and shuttling down into a body of some form, human elephant or otherwise. The randomness of being placed into a body that comes supplied with a last name and given, buy someone else's choice, a first name.

Reincarnation/ Cosmic Soup
The idea of rebirth came to me out of my name doppelganger concepts. The randomness of birth. Or even before birth, the moment of conception. Where was the soul. How did it get into the being. Is there a cosmic soup of souls simmering and randomly plucked and cast into a creation at conception. Are we in a cycle of life? Is it possible that the soul in me could have been cast into the creation of a different person? What about a different being, What if I was a dolphin or an elephant. What if I already have been one?

Experiments with depictions of PreBirth. A time when the human fetus is just evolving/forming, it is similar to the fetus of other species. The closer it is to the spark of creation we are connected. Similar, a stem of each other, a stem of everything. Connected.

People WHo Don't Want to be Watched-

From the cosmic soup of souls that are swimming around and waiting to be placed into a body and life. Who is making these decisions?
From my Pre-life series of works I began to think about that moment of prelife. What and where are you before you are placed into a body. Are you at the mercy of a decider? Is someone placing you for a reason into a body, a vessel of life? What is that Decider basing It's decisions on? Are we being judged by our free-will actions? Are we a sum of are decisions and and the energy we create and put out? I feel that this is a great burden to be always watched and judged by a Creator. I think that the many along with me would like to have just a few moments on our own. Free of judgement. Free to be unsurveilled. In a sense we might all want some time away from our ultimate score keeper.

From those thoughts came the making of a small time-based work with some other people along with myself in using several different Cos-play characters following a script, or a prompt of noticing that they are being watched and not wanting to be in that situation. In some cases lashing out for some Autonomy.

Me Tree-

I came to the idea of the Me Tree from looking for, what I call name doppelgangers, some people say name twin, during my Random Text Generator research. I was looking for people that had the same names as my friends of facebook and then I did it for me too. Then I looking up all the David Langley's in the world, or which there are probably over a thousand. I thought it would be interesting to have a family tree but with me at all points of the tree filling in for the other David Langley's. Also I thought I myself could represent different David Langley's by portraying myself from different times in my past, physical makeup and general style and look. Here are some photos from my Me Tree or Self Obsessed Family Tree that I made.
The "Me Tree" was executed twice. Once was indoors (weather prompted this course of action) and I incorporated some lighting on the tree. The lighting represented the twinkling stars of the cosmos.
The second Me Tree was outside on a real tree which was significant because it had the organic feel and look of nature and was out in the elements. The wind made all the silvery face depictions shiver in the wind and the light shaking of all ht pictures in the wind together made sense of a level of being exposed to the elements and nature and naturally moving where the wind may blow us. Is there bigger forces at work pushing us in certain directions? Before the outdoor stage I also updated my face depictions with random textual additions. All my separate concepts started for mash together.