The key word of my random process is 'leave' and the end of my first video is two horses stand in front of sea,so I went to the Maroubra beach seeking for the different' leave'.And I want to regenerate or develop the the meaning of that sentence

(1)This video was record on the bus to the littel bay。That day was a rainy day, the adverting net block my view, and the water cover majority holes of the finally video is a dim vision for the outside landscape leaving.

(2) The sea gulls,some of them are walking on the beach and leave their footprint, some flying away. The meaning of leave for them is from one space to another by using different method(fly or walk),the footprint is the trace of their leave.

(3) The wave leave the sea to the land, after the wave leave the land return to the sea.This cycle process is endless.