Day 4


In my first experimental concept, I have utilised “no man’s land” as a metaphor for the porch as an unassigned space that divides two entities (public and private). I have rooted my concept in the notion of trench warfare and have translated this into the domestic, thus the title, “domestic warfare”.

This work will comprise of several photographs depicting different domestic conflicts that play out between those in public and private areas that are divided by the front porch. Some of these conflicts include:

  • A dog locked within the confines of the screen door, barking viciously at the postman that is attempting to deliver the mail
  • Same incident where cat replaces the postman
  • Paperboy delivering the newspaper – throwing newspaper onto porch (grenade-like in its gesture)
  • Neighbours telling one to lower the volume of the music
  • Police officer warning forced cessation of a party

These photographs are snapshots of these conflicts whilst they are being acted out.

This approach to the notion of “no man’s land” highlights the absurd in domestic life and in the conflicts that arise between the public and private areas that are divided by the front porch. By assigning the front porch as an area of “no man’s land”, I am creating a dichotomy between these two entities. To compare these notions of domestic and trench warfare is completely absurd, whereby they do not operate on the same level of significance as one another.

N.B. I have decided to discontinue the exploration of this concept, as it does not seem "experimental" enough corresponding to the outline criteria.

Week 2

Following up on feedback from Friday's presentation, I have created a looped version of the original video capture from my random location; as below:

Also following up on other feedback, I have begun to read these two books:

'The Production of Space' by Henri Lefebvre

'The Poetics of Space' by Gaston Bachelard

Whilst reading the chapter, 'The dialectics of outside and inside' in Bachelard's book, the following poem, Les Témoins invisibles by Jean Tardieu, took my interest:

Pour avancer je tourne sur moi-même
Cyclone par l'immobile habité.

Mais au-dedans, plus de frontières!
In order to advance, I walk the treadmill of myself
Cyclone inhabited by immobility.

But within, no more boundaries!

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