Random process mechanism

Day 1

I decided to use a process involving numbers, more specifically coordinates, to randomly generate a location. This random location will act as a catalyst for the inception of three experimental concepts. I have decided to create a process that uses two independent variables, the participant's home address and the participant's choice of house number. In obtaining the unbeknown coordinates for these locations from Google Maps, it is at this stage of the mechanism where the idea of "randomness" is introduced. Thirdly, I have utilised a controlled variable in the form of the equation used to decipher average or mean. I have included this as a final process in the mechanism in order to further restrict conscious decision-making, otherwise known in this case as the independent variable. The random process mechanism is presented as a set of instructions.

  1. Use your home address as a starting point
  2. Note the streets that intersect with your street
  3. Choose a house number between 1 to 25
  4. Obtain the coordinates of the house number you have chosen on each street that intersects your street using Google Maps
  5. Obtain the coordinates of your home address
  6. Using these coordinates, calculate the average of all latitude and longitude values, respectively. This will result in an average coordinate value
  7. Enter this set of coordinates into Google Maps to find a location. This address will be your randomly-generated location

Applying these set of instructions to my home address of 63 Rose Street, Chippendale, NSW resulted with the discovery of these highlighted intersecting streets:
* The bold red line represents the originating street, Rose Street (see Step 1)
** The fine red lines represent intersecting streets (see Step 2)

List of streets intersecting Rose Street:
  • Shepherd Street
  • Shepherd Lane
  • Paints Lane
  • Myrtle Street
  • Pine Lane
  • Cleveland Lane
  • Cleveland Street

Following Step 3, I have chosen the house number 8. Out of the total intersecting streets, only three streets contain house number 8. Using Google Maps, I have also obtained the coordinates of these houses. They are:
  1. 8 Cleveland Street, Chippendale: -33.88774,151.193783
  2. 8 Myrtle Street, Chippendale: -33.886556,151.194657
  3. 8 Shepherd Street, Chippendale: -33.884874,151.1962

I have also obtained coordinates of my house. These are -33.886371,151.194786

When calculating the average of both of the latitudinal and longitudinal values, the following results occur:
63 Rose Street
8 Cleveland Street
8 Myrtle Street
8 Shepherd Street

The average coordinates, when entered into Google Maps, give this specific location:


Perhaps coincidentally, these coordinates map the location of the front porch of my home at 63 Rose Street. This exact location is to be my randomly-generated location where I will then visit and document the surroundings.

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