The idea of knowing little about my destination, is a familiar concept in my life and art practice. I wasn’t here for the first two days of class so after I finished talking to Paul on the phone about the task, I got to work immediately.

I chose to work with an intutiveley generated, random process. I just needed a starting point. So I shut my eyes, pointed my arm forwards and spun around a few times in my lounge room. I stopped in front of the book shelf, selected a book, opened a page and chose a word. When I opened my eyes, my finger was pointing between mint and leaves. I decided to use them both.

To the grocery store I went, for a bunch of mint leaves, which came to the value of $1.49. I now had my mint leaves. Where to next?

I walked outside and sat at the bust stop to look for my next move. I began by adding all of the numbers up on my receipt, from the mint leaves. 375. There was no 375 leaving from this bus stand. So I added them up again, 577. I was never very good at math’s. There was 377 that ran between Thornleigh and North Turramurra. I would have to train it from Randwick to Hornsby and bus it from there. I was wishing it was not almost 6pm. I added it up one more time 286. QVB to North Ryde. Still a massive hike.

I had to simplify my problem. I went back to 149.

149 – Bingo, 149 Belmore Road. On foot I went. Until I reached 149. A dental surgery. They were closed. I lingered outside long enough to look suspicious and decided to phone them. An answering machine message detailed the opening times. I wrote them down. 8-5 / 9-3

I counted 8 letters into the alphabet and got H, 5 and got E etc, the numbers decoded into letters spelt: HEIC. HEIC is a Latin word and translates into ‘here and now’. I had clearly reached my destination. The heavens opened and I heard Symphony No 5. I was exactly where I was supposed to be all along, metaphorically speaking.